Patrick Tomasso, Social Content Strategist, Grip Limited

Hailing from the small town of Aurora, ON - Patrick is a Social Content Strategist at Grip Limited in Toronto. After studying at Seneca for Creative Advertising he started his career out as a social media intern at Rocket XL, Patrick hit the ground running working on their Cadbury and the NHL accounts developing a hybrid role of creative, strategy and community management - After taking a brief hiatus from advertising to work at Apple, the world of social media advertising came knocking at his door once more. Starting at Grip as a community manager for Budweiser, he moved onto the Yum business (Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC) helping them develop a substantial Canadian digital presence via engaging social creative backed by digital analytics, which ultimately helped develop the new role of Social Content Strategist (Content creation, social analytics and community management). Notable campaigns Patrick has been involved with are  KFC’s “More for 4”, Taco Bell’s “Eat Your Words”, Kokanee’s “The Movie out Here” and Stella Artois’ real time marketing at the 85th Academy Awards. Patrick now works on the Honda and Acura business managing and developing their social content creative and strategy in Canada. 

Don’t let his baby face throw you off, Patrick has been featured in Marketing Mag, Huffington Post and CTV News for his efforts and he is also a photographer and filmmaker, given the opportunity he would probably plug his Instagram account here... “@impatrickt”.


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November 14th, 2013


The Second City: 51 Mercer St. Toronto, ON

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