Mitchell Fawcett, Founder & Agency Director, Motive Communications

Mitchell is the founder and agency director of Motive Communications in Vancouver, an agency specializing in public relations and social media strategies for hotels and restaurants.

Mitchell started as a jack-of-all-trades in the tourism industry where he got his hands dirty cleaning hotel rooms, serving tableside flambé in fine dining restaurants, and pretending to know how to operate a manual transmission as a valet attendant. In the process he gained an in-depth understanding of the value of customer service, retention, and loyalty.

As his career evolved into a marketing communications focus, Mitchell was hired by Westin Hotels & Resorts to oversee the public relations strategies for their Western Canadian properties, just as the social media movement was born. His talent for stalking old classmates suddenly had a real world application as he found ways to use this technology to offer customer service experiences that went above and beyond.

Mitchell founded Motive Communications in 2013. In addition to an international portfolio of hotels and restaurants, the agency is expanding its focus to the fashion, design, and beauty industries.



Surprising and Delighting Your Community


May 22nd, 2014


Glenn Gould Studio, at the CBC | 250 Front St. Toronto, ON

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