Craig Hodges, Relationship Manager, Creative Niche

Craig Hodges is a relationship manager at Creative Niche. After spending several years in client-facing roles at senior creative agencies—which provided him a 360-degree perspective on how brands are professionally managed in the marketing-communications industry—Craig’s career as a Nicher kicked off in October, 2007. A creative marketer at heart, Craig has taken those early skills and applied them to marketing people. His process: first interview the candidate, highlight what makes them unique and then position them so their strengths are clearly communicated. Craig is able to quickly assess candidates’ unique abilities and determine what will make them appealing across various work cultures—which then allows him to make the best match for both the candidate and clients. His work has helped pair top creative professionals with some of the world’s leading brands.


The Career of Community Management - Sponsored by Creative Niche


November 14th, 2013


The Second City: 51 Mercer St. Toronto, ON

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