A LOOK AT CM1 2014


9:00 - 9:40 | The 10 Golden Rules of Engagement | Clarke De Pastino, Vice President Engagement, Ipsos SMX

“Engagement” is listed as one of the “30 Overused Buzzwords in Digital Marketing” by Mashable. Your clients want it, your members need it, but what exactly is it? This session will explore what engagement means to community management, and how to establish a foundation for successfully interacting with members of your community.

9:45 - 10:15 | Tapping Into Your Community for Support | Andrew Zimakas, Chief Marketing Officer, Tangerine

Undergoing a name change for a brand as well known and liked as ING Direct is no easy feat. But that’s exactly what the company faced this spring as a condition of its recent sale to Scotiabank. Andrew Zimakas, VP and Chief Marketing Officer of newly named Tangerine will explore how the bank tapped into its various communities to help reassure the company’s 1.9 million customers that while everything appeared to be changing, nothing would change.

10:30 - 11:00 | Building a Community Management Organization | Keith McArthur, Vice President of Social Media, Rogers Communications

For smaller brands, one community manager is often enough. But what if your brand is in multiple lines of business and attracts thousands of mentions each day? Rogers’ VP of Social Media, Keith McArthur will talk about how Rogers manages multiple communities through various community managers and customer service specialists. He’ll provide tips for getting executive buy in and for equipping community managers for success. He’ll also talk about the company’s award-winning community management campaign that won over the hearts and minds of Android superusers.

11:05 - 11:35 | Brick and Mortar Tweeting – Building Brand, Dodging Bullets, and Discovering Evangelists | Gregg Tilston, Global Social Media Leader, Flight Centre Travel Group

When you’re one of the world’s largest retail travel agencies and most successful brands in Australia, people generally want to either align with you or take shots. So how did Flight Centre become recognized as the top engaging Australian brand on Twitter while building evangelists out of brand slander? In this session, Gregg will share stories, challenges, successes, and a lot of lessons learned from Flight Centre’s social media strategy. Learn how a homegrown Canadian social media strategy had a huge impact within a multinational organization, eventually being adopted across the organization.

11:40 - 12:10 | Surprising and Delighting Your Community | Mitchell Fawcett, Founder & Agency Director, Motive Communications

The role of social media in customer service is quickly evolving as consumers become increasingly savvy. Brands have opportunities to stand out from their competition by going above and beyond to offer attentive and personalized service. This presentation will inspire ideas of how you can connect with your community on a new level.

1:15 - 1:55 | Building Communities: Lessons from Prime Time | Tessa Sproule, Director of Digital, CBC - Content Office

The first rule of community building is it’s not about the show or the brand, it’s about the fans. And the fans you need to really pay attention to are the 5% - the super fans and super connectors who drive the majority of buzz around your brand. How do you find them? What do you need to do to engage with them? Why does any of this matter? We’ll tackle all that and more in this session.

2:00 - 2:40 | How to Build a Community with YouTube | Bob Cornwall, Brand Activation Lead, Google

Hero, Hub, and Hygiene. Bob Cornwall, Brand Activation Lead at Google Canada will discuss what these titles mean to your brand and how to efficiently build an engaged online community around them.

3:00 - 3:30 | Influencing the Influencers: Bringing Value to Your Brand | Casie Stewart, Social Media Director, Speaker, Innovator, Blogger Extraordinaire

Blogging since 2005, Casie Stewart will share experiences from working with some of the world’s leading brands (Canon, Puma, Pepsi, and Virgin America) to make the case for the value of influencers in social media. After attending this session you’ll leave with actionable takeaways to improve your brand’s social presence.

3:35 - 4:05 | Be Local Everywhere: Bootstrapping Your Way To Global Brand Loyalty | Destin Haynes, Director, Freemium Community, HootSuite

While we can all agree that HootSuite is no longer a startup, many of the bootstrapping lessons learned during those early days (and long nights) are still relevant. Moreover, they continue to act as cornerstones to the foundation for how HootSuite interacts with its users and builds communities around the world.

To succeed in the global market, focus needs to be directed toward hyperlocalization for different markets and regions in the development of social business strategy. Thankfully, there are innovative ways to be hyperlocal without breaking the bank. This session will share secrets and strategies on how you too can adopt a “be local everywhere” approach.

4:10 - 5:00 | CM1 Panel: Moderated by Creative Niche

If community management is going to move beyond social media moderation to senior and impactful roles within an organization, a lot has to happen. Companies are filled with senior leaders who have never done the job, undervalue the role, and who need to fully understand the benefit of the person and the job. Is it just delivering ROI? Is it the complete understanding of what consumers are saying in the trenches? Is it being the only person who can provide the data that’s required to guide broader organizational decisions? This panel will explore all of these questions with answers from a variety of perspectives.



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