A LOOK AT CM1 2013


Registration Opens | 8:00

We’re so thorough that we’ll open registration at 8am. We’re doing this to accommodate two groups of people: The keeners who are willing to show up to something while roosters still snore and the people just haven’t been to bed yet. Regardless, feel free to drop by anytime after 8am.

Welcoming Remarks | 9:00 - 9:10 | Ron Tite, CEO, The Tite Group

We’ll introduce the day, set the tone, go over the agenda, point out where the washrooms are and may even use the word ‘welcome’ in our introductory comments. This may not be the most exciting part of the day but, it will give us an opportunity to introduce the late arrivals to the entire group.

What Community Manager Are You? | 9:10 - 9:55 | Sheldon Levine, Community Manager, Marketwired

Every company has a different idea about what a community manager should be, what qualifies them to be a community manager and what they need to do on the job. While it may never be possible to come up with one definitive answer to any of these things, Sheldon Levine has a good idea about how we can group different types of community managers. In this presentation Sheldon will explore some of the main types of community management to help you decide which route you should take.

How to Plan the Plan | 10:00 - 10:40 | Laura Muirhead, Community Cultivation Manager, Tribal Toronto

It would be great if you could just show up and manage your communities using only your gut and the whims of the people around you but we all know that doesn’t work. Successful community management begins with the right community strategy. This session will show you how to plan the plan.

Contest & Promotions | 10:45 - 11:25 |Julie Sheldon, Director of Digital and Social Media, Mosaic

Contests and promotions for the community can show appreciation for participation, encourage more involvement and reward loyalty. But knowing when to do them can be the difference between an enjoyable reward and an addiction to deals that never goes away. This session will show you how and when to use contests.

Building Community Through Twitter | 11:30 - 12:10 | Ryan Ginsberg, Senior Account Executive, Twitter

Building community 140 characters at a time isn’t as easy as it may seem. Twitter can be a broadcast medium used for promotion, a content curation platform or even just a vehicle for responding to customer complaints and applause. However you use it, just use it correctly. Strategies and tactics to ensure you do will be covered in this session.

It's Not Me, It's You: How to Turn Content From Promotional to Must-Read | 1:10 - 1:50 | Erin Bury, Managing Director, 88 Creative

Every brand has to be a media property and as we all know, media properties consistently create content. But how do you do it so that it’s strategically relevant and cost efficient at the same time? You operationalize it. This session will show you how.

Operationalizing Community Management | 1:55 - 2:35 | Ron Tite, CEO, The Tite Group

While hanging out on Facebook all day can be fun, it’s just not that productive. Luckily, there are a number of operational tools that allow you to manage your community and all the conversation it creates efficiently. What are the best? How do you use them? What’s coming up? This session will save you time and save your soul.

Measurement | 2:40 - 3:20 | Andrew Cherwenka, Co-Founder, CEO, Authintic

What do you measure? How do you measure? When do you measure? Who does the measurement? What do you report? What are the benchmarks? There is no shortage of data to evaluate but for many brands, data availability just creates more questions on what numbers are the right numbers. This session will answer those questions.

When Shit Hits the Fan | 3:25 - 4:05 | Jonathan Sy, Senior Director, Edelman Digital

Every CMs worst nightmare is baked in the legendary experiences of the brands who have dropped the ball when the proverbial shit has hit the social fan. The most critical piece of community strategy is a clear crisis plan with detailed responsibilities for when it has to be implemented. This session will cover it all so you don’t get covered.

Data Driven Community Management | 4:10 - 4:30 | Rebecca Brown, Executive Director, Content Strategy & Eli Singer, Founder, Entrinsic

How do you improve the performance of your content week-over-week? By empowering community managers to own the data on their accounts! Entrinsic’s Eli and Rebecca give a lightning fast introduction to Social Content Optimization (SCO). With SCO, CM’s use data driven insights to optimize their calendars on a weekly basis and determine the most own-able territories in order to make the biggest social gains in the least amount of time.

The Career of Community Management - Sponsored by Creative Niche | 4:35 - 5:30 | A Panel Discussion

The Community Manager role didn't even exist 5 years ago. There's little training, little mentorship, little process and a completely different job description depending on the organization. This panel will discuss the realities of the job including actual activities, challenges, opportunities, and a discussion of where the job goes from here and how you can best prepare yourself for the career ahead.

Post Social | 5:40

In a strange twist of fate, there’s no official community for the people who spend their days building them. While we don’t think an association is required, it would be nice to get to know others who do what you do. We’ll end the day of great content by heading to a place where the most valuable networking takes place: A bar. Join us at Wayne Gretzky's adjacent to The Second City.


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Thanks to @FITC @RonTite @dx3canada for an informative and great line up of speakers at the 1st http://cm1.ca #CM1TO


@JennTaylor973: "Left the Community Manager Conference feeling inspired. Thank you! #CM1TO http://bit.ly/1asMfPb " Agreed :)


@cherwenka thanks for sharing your knowledge yesterday! Very informative and to the point! #CM1TO


@rontite About the whole “Go Away” thing. No hard feelings right? #TacoApologies #CM1TO


Community had a fantastic time at #CM1TO yesterday! Read all about our day http://pulp-and-fiber.com/2013/11/community-does-cm1to @TwitterCanada


What we learned at the #CM1TO community managers conference - http://tinyurl.com/lrh7yxr via @marketingmag Thank you for an amazing event!


@mgmt_leadership We were proud to be a part of #cm1TO! So glad you found it to be a valuable experience. Have a great weekend!


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Judging by tweets alone, it looks like #CM1TO was a smash. Congrats to @dx3canada for another job well done. #pros


What is #CM1TO? It's Toronto's 1st Community Managers Conference http://buff.ly/1asKjGw Top trending conversation in Canada, today.


Had a great day attending and speaking at #CM1TO, the city's first community manager conference. Thanks for having me @rontite!


Great day today at #CM1TO. Here's what we learned at the conference: http://www.marketingmag.ca/news/media-news/what-we-learned-at-the-cm1-community-managers-conference-94001






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